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As we build the coming PBF 12th Annual 2020 Band Lineup, here’s the official lineup for the 11th Annual Paoli Blues Fest 2019 for a nostalgic look back at an awesome day of music!

2020 Paoli Blues Fest Band Submission Guidelines                     

We support local bands and prefer bands within the Tri State area.

However, we will consider bands outside the Tri State area.

If you would like the Paoli Blues Fest music committee to consider your band for any of our events please review the following requirements.

Submission Process:

Bands that are considered for The Paoli Blues Fest should submit the following:
1) Band Bio, 2) Band Website, 3) Band schedule, 4) Band CD

Band submissions are only accepted from January 1st to April 15th.

One submission per band per year.
NOTE: As we receive a very large amount of submissions you will be notified only if your band is selected.

Band Compensation:
Compensation will be about $75.00 to $100.00 per player for a 55-minute set based on available donations. PBF will NOT cover travel, hotel or any other expenses including any agent’s fees.

Equipment Provided:
PBF will supply a full stage with backline equipment and a complete drum set.

Thank You for your submission,
Bobby D. –
Ken K. –
and Mark T.

PBF Music Directors


11:15 AM:

Warm Up Band

The Sharpless Brothers

The Sharpless Brothers from Downingtown are a brotherly duo who come from a long line of musical talent! Andrew is a sophomore at Millersville University  studying music and music production, while his younger brother Daniel is a junior at Downingtown West High School. Raised in the tradition of classic rock (Beatles, Eagles, Grateful Dead), they perform these type of songs along with a mix of newer cover songs (John Mayer, Train, Ed Sheeran) and their own originals.




“Jesse Loewy is an amazing musician. It doesn’t do him justice to qualify that statement with talk of his age. He’s way beyond that. He’s a dedicated musician, conscious of the importance of the musicians he learns from, and respectful to his music and other musicians as well as to his audiences. His time, technique, and stage presence make his performances a pleasure to experience. I expect to be watching him for a long time.”

-David Bromberg

1:00 pm:


We welcome back the Georgie Bonds Band! Georgie got his first taste of delta blues when a friend loaned him a Robert Johnson tape. There was something about the music that grabbed a hold of him and wouldn’t let go. At that point he knew that the blues was what he needed. One night in the early 1990’s, he stepped onto the stage of an open mic blues jam at “The Barbary,” took a deep breath, and belted out “Stormy Monday,” the only blues song he knew. Fortunately, blues legend Sonny Rhodes, who was hosting that night, took a liking to Georgie and became his mentor. Sonny introduced Georgie to more musicians, and taught him how to be a performer, not just a singer. Georgie’s blues career was then well on it’s way.


Hey ya’ll I’m Harmonica Slim and I’d love to share the ride with you! Born and raised just outside of Philadelphia I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood where things are simple, the Eagles were a way life, and a good day meant playing hockey without getting in a fist fight with your buddy. I love it all, and its molded me into the passionate blues man I am today. The harp is my life, the blues is my savior, and the fans are why I exist to play it!

Growing up in England in the 1960’s I was introduced to blues at a young age via John Mayall’s “Beano” album with Eric Clapton. I have been a blues fan ever since and it has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. I am very fortunate to be living in the Bucks County area amid such a wealth of blues talent and even more fortunate and humbled to have shared the bandstand with so many of the areas great musicians and through this music I have established a number of wonderful friendships. From my fellow jammers to my fellow bandmates and all the of the awesome players that I have been lucky enough to rub shoulders with over the years, you inspire me so much one and all and I am forever grateful for not only the influence that you have had on my life but also for the opportunities you have given me. A wise man once said “the blues is a beautiful thing, who don’t know that”


First appearance at the Paoli Blues Fest!

From a recent review:

Philadelphia’s AC Steel and the Galvanizers is a slick band and their new disc, Now or Never, is perfect for listeners who want plenty of guitar with their blues. You may never heard of their frontman, Stephen Solotist, but he took an interesting path to get to this point in his music career.
An awesome guitarist, Solotist and his band flirted with the big time back in the 1970s, opening for big name acts such as the Allman Brothers and Pink Floyd. After shipping off to England for a while and turning down a slot with UFO, he eventually came back to the States and entered the world of day jobs and daily commutes. But he also stayed in the music game, playing gigs with the Jukerockers and the Dukes of Destiny.
Stephen is joined on
Now or Never by the Galvanizers, whose members include “Chicago” Carl Snyder on the keys, Rich Curtis on the bass, Bud Manton on the skins, and Arlyn Wolters with the backing vocals (most of these folks are also members of the Dukes of Destiny). The disc was cut at Buckeye Studios in the City of Brotherly Love by co-producer Peter Richan. Ten of the eleven tracks on this album are originals that were written by Solotist, and apparently he is a capable singer and songwriter, in addition to his prodigious guitar skills.


is a celebrated guitarist and a major player in the Philadelphia rock & blues scene. To categorize his sound is nearly impossible. His vast repertoire of original music has his own unique sound, blending elements of blues and rock. Beyond sheer musical talent, LB is a commanding presence onstage, a true performer.
Little Buddy has devoted his life to his instrument, resulting in signature LB solos. When you approach the venue, you know LB’s in the house! The band, featuring Ken McCoy on sax, Tom Webb on drums and Anton Marc Clockson on bass is grooving hard – and as always – the guitar is on fire! Little Buddy plays in an ecstatic and euphoric state.
Songwriter, performer and energetic guitarist – LB plays music from the heart.

5:00 pm:  THE FRACTION

Founded by Jeff Domenick and Paul Spiegel, Jeff Domenick and the Fraction made their debut at the Berwyn Tavern on the Main Line in 1992, wowing the crowd with their wide variety of musical styles. They’ve played many other local establishments throughout the years near their home bases in Paoli, Berwyn, Devon and Strafford, including the Paoli Local, Binni & Flynn’s, Orleans, The Big Easy, Redhound Grille, the Blarney Stone, Maddie’s Place, The Foxbar, and Twenty9 restaurant among others. All of the current band members have been with the band for nearly 20 years, with the exception of their sax player.

They provide a lively mix of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music, heavily influenced by Midwest and southern blues bands. They have gather a loyal following over the years, and sound as tight knit when they are improvising on an extended jam as they do on their rehearsed pieces. Adding 22 year old Eddie Meyer on the sax has broadened band’s sound and appeal, and the band pumps out just as much energy as they did when they started 27 years ago! The members of the band are:

Jeff Domenick – vocals, electric guitar

Paul Spiegel – vocals, electric guitar

Steve Trice – vocals, acoustic guitar

Greg Decker – vocals, keyboards

Richard Reinert – bass guitar

Rick Antonini – drums

Eddie Meyer – saxophone

@TheFractionBand on Facebook


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